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Requirements to seal chamber

For mechanical seal installation

Seal chamber bore diameter eccentricity relative to a pump shaft should not exceed (by indicator) 0,001 mm per 1 mm of shaft diameter.

Total indicator run out should be not more than 0,001 mm per 1 mm of shaft diameter.

Out-of-squareness of the seal chamber surface relative to the pump shaft should not be more than (by indicator) 0,001 mm per 1 mm of shaft diameter.

All shaft diameter transitions and the casing through which seal parts go when being mounted should be bared, radiused or should have chamfers not more than 30°х2 mm.

Keyslots, central drillings and etc. on the shaft surface for drawing the seal to its operating position are not recommended. No contamination on the shaft and seal chamber mounting seats is permitted.

Bend and misalignment of pump shafts and drive should not exceed 0,08 mm