About company NKP "GERMETIKA"

The company was founded in 1992 by a group of scientists of the Mechanical seal department of the leading pump-design organization in the USSR VNII Hydromash institute

Specialized Production

Mechanical seals

Advanced technologies, recent developments and more than 40 years experience in sealing arrangement engineering have allowed the company to take a leading position in mechanical seal production.


Mechanical seals oil|chemical and petrochemical|energy|pulp and paper|shipbuilding|communal industry

Currently NPK "GERMETIKA" is the country's leading organization in development and production of mechanical seals for pumps intended for all industries

Seals and sealing technology


The experience in research and development of mechanical seals is consolidated in “Seals and Sealing Engineering”, Mechanical engineering, the only book published in the entire history of domestic pump engineering. It went through two editions.

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Our clients

More than 2500 enterprises operating pumping equipment are the customers of NPK "GERMETIKA". The company almost covers the needs for mechanical seals of all the country's plants producing pump equipment